• Startup impllementation

    In the case of your projects, we do the initial review. In this review we will tell you whether your business can succeed or not. We will also look at what changes your business can make to success. In the consulting department, we will be with you step by step so that you can develop your business. Continuous meetings, consensus, training, etc. are among our programs to help your business grow and develop. It does not matter where you are in the world. What matters is who helps you.

  • commercializing

    One of our most important tools in business growth and development services is marketing research. In order for businesses to be successful, we are constantly researching the market to identify the right opportunities. In marketing research, we seek to always gather information that is useful to businesses and influences their decisions at various stages. We have capable teams in different parts of the world that help us with marketing research.

  • Marketing Consulting

    A good team and accurate information can not succeed without careful guidance and advice. Most entrepreneurs and startup owners need capable consultants. At keenwin, we are ready to advise businesses based on the experience of launching multiple startups. Our advice is the skin in the game. That means we are always with you step by step. In all cases of business, marketing, finance, etc., we will advise you.

  • Financial consulting

    A project will succeed when its financial and revenue processes are managed properly. One of the most important points in the acceptance of startups by investors is to have an accurate and perfect financial image. Therefore, in the process of commercialization, it is necessary to always seek help from financial advisors.

  • Startup Investment

    One of the concerns of startups is attracting investors. keenwin Partners has the potential to attract investors for top startups due to its connections with investor associations and independent investors.

  • Legal consulting

    Startups need legal advice to enter the market of different countries or obtain their certificates or patents. At Keenwin Aiden we have the opportunity to provide detailed legal advice for presence and operations in Canada, Germany, Finland.

  • Startup visa

    keenwin, in cooperation with Sam Rad Holding, has the opportunity to migrate the owners of top startups to Canada, Germany, Finland, etc.